Research Buddy

We undertake independent and funded Research Projects related to various types of Organization and a huge variety of Sectors, primarily to advance our collective understanding of Human Resources Management and Organization Development. While a good part of our research surface as published articles in well-known Journals and Magazines, some of it ends up as a confidential report on a client’s desk.

Organizational Research

Whatever your Organization Type – Cooperative, Small & Medium Business, Mid-Size or Large-Size Corporation, Multinational, Not for Profit or Governmental Agency, we have a few pieces of insight that you will love.

Sectoral Research

Having worked with clients in as many as 40 different Industry Sectors, we have a ringside view of what goes on in your Sector. Clients have relied on us not just for specific competitor information but also broad sector-specific dynamics.

Regional Research

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Google Map like version of the various Organizational, Employee and Regulatory snarls you may need to cross before you really land at your favorite regional destination? We try and do something as ambitious, when Clients wish to know something as specific as the talent situation in God’s Own Country or identify the zones of labor unrest across the Subcontinent.

HR Best Practices Research

Our Consultants have worked in as many as 60 different HR Practice Areas – from Campus Recruitment to CEO Learning & Development, and have a Best Practice or two to share in each. However, our Clients aren’t leveraging them fully since they ask us to share Best Practice info in only a handful of areas.

Some Samples:

We know people treat Research as junk – especially, if its free! But we do value our work. Here’s an indicative list of the type of work, we have picked up:

Why Consider Your HR Buddy Research Services?


When you engage us, we go several extra miles to ensure we find what you seek.


Our discoveries are usually designed to wow you


We are extremely well networked – that’s what fuels our Research.


A good deal of the research that we do is available completely free – and costs, only a phone call!