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While most of our Clients engage us to develop and run their own year-long Learning & Development intervention in response to a specific set of Organizational Challenges or in line with their Organizational Competency model, here are a few Workshops that have become insanely popular over the years. Even If you are sure they are just right for you, we will still customize the learning experience to meet your organizational context, because we have steep ROI standards to meet.

Interviewing Skills

A Bestseller since 2009, this Workshop will help even your not-so-great Employees pick up the Science & Art of hiring great People. Also – whether you wish to or not, with the same set of skills that we teach you, you can also find that perfect spouse.

Change Management Skills

True – It’s difficult to Change and we don’t guarantee miracles. But folks who attend our Workshop do claim that we definitely equip People with the nuts and bolts to make Change happen, whenever they decide to.

People Management Skills (HR for Non-HR)

A version of the HR for Non-HR Workshop, this one can transform any task-obsessed Manager to handle people, a bit more sensitively and adeptly. Truth be told, a few clients have used this package to also pass on some “HR Jobs” and HR skills to unsuspecting Non-HR folks!

Business Acumen

Whether your Organization is in or out of Business, this is one Workshop which can make your employees develop a deeper understanding of how any business functions or malfunctions.

Communication Skills

This classic Workshop on Communication is less about polishing Employee lingo (language) and more about the ways in which Employees can leverage Communication to inform, educate, entertain and relate to each other. After all, it takes two to tango!

Achievement Orientation

If your Organization is saddled with chronic underachievement, this Workshop can introduce your Employees to the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and habits that are known to distinguish high achievers and most importantly, catalyse them to apply all that they learn to their work situation.

Analytical Thinking Skills

An in-demand Workshop, this one is special because it provides an arsenal of tools and techniques to analyse complex issues from multiple angles and tackle problems systematically.


Even when Managers overcome their insecurities and decide to entrust jobs to their juniors, they may find the going tough. Our Workshop provides valuable tools and tacks to make this transition, seamless and painless for both parties.

Customer Orientation

If you have dissatisfied Customers, inside and outside your Organization, this Workshop might just be the perfect antidote. It offers a drill down into the mindset and skillset that great customer-friendly folks possess.

Performance Management

Employee Performance rarely ever, follows a straight line, from one Quarter to another. Our Workshop makes Managers identify and plot the x and y or z variables that skew their performance chart and pick the skills to control such factors.

Emotional Intelligence

While humans can technically experience 27 different emotional states (if the Science is true), your Employees may regularly experience a few, in the Organization. Our Workshop sensitizes Managers to appreciate these in themselves and others and passes on the tools to regulate self and others, more empathetically.

Train the Trainer

Nothing gives us more pleasure than the pain of creating an improved version of our wonderful Trainers. This Workshop is our humble effort to pass on all the skills and tricks that your Employees will ever need to facilitate a mind-blowing session.

Team Building Skills

One of the most popular items on our menu, this Workshop can take your Employees through an intensive hands-on experience of the various challenges that teams regularly face and gently nudge them to develop behavioural responses and skills to overcome any team-related bottleneck.

Innovation & Creativity

Organizations have tremendous capacity to grow or snuff out Employee innovation. This Workshop brings together the most inspiring and challenging innovation stories from various organizations and breaks it down to help Employees pick up the mindset and the skills necessary to be more creative.

Inter-Personal Skills

When Employees interact with each other, they receive a wonderful opportunity to build or break a relationship. This Workshop offers a lowdown on the skills required to handle various inter-personal exchanges and establish high quality relationships at the workplace.

Project Management Skills

Not all your Employees will pursue a PMP® and not all those who do, will excel in handling projects. This Workshop focuses on building those behavioural competencies that great Project Managers are known to possess.

Conflict Resolution Skills

It is common for Employees to spar in any Organization. This Workshop only teaches them to spar well, by arming them with the critical tools needed to diagnose the conflict, clarify the issues, and mediate a resolution, amicably and effectively.

Visioning & Goal Setting

If the Purpose of Life is to lead a Life of Purpose, most Organizations and Employees have still not discovered this profound truth. Our Workshop equips folks with the telescopic tools required to clarify their long-term Vision and short-term Mission and then break it down with microscopic precision into a set of Goals for the Year/Quarter

Influencing Skills

Managers are expected to influence others – upwards, downwards and even across the Organization. This Workshop trains them to do just that with the help of tools, tips, techniques and some really innovative and harmless tricks (that Sales folks have perfected over centuries!)

Negotiation Skills

Whether your Employees have to negotiate internally or externally, for a favourable discount, or a set of concessional terms or worse - a hostage release, the tools of the trade remain the same. This Workshop relays powerful negotiation principles and techniques that have helped people to work out mutually favourable outcomes, even when there was little or no room to negotiate.

Result Orientation

Given the multitude of projects, activities and meetings that Employees and Organizations bury themselves in, it is extremely easy to lose sight of the end result. This Workshop trains people to identify and control distractions, practice mindfulness, and develop the perseverance required to overcome the roadblocks on the path.

Planning & Execution

If life is what happens to any Organization, when its Employees are busy making Plans, it is time to closely examine both plan and execution quality. This Workshop showcases the various planning frameworks and tools as well as execution approaches, that distinguish the best planners from the rest.

Decision Making Skills

While Decision Scientists have their own voluminous take on how Organizations and Employees take decisions, we chop the science down to a bunch of tools and behaviours that Managers can take home and apply when facing highly ambiguous situations in their work setting

First Time Manager

We know what it takes to be a first-time Parent and a first-time Manager – though different, there are similarities. This Workshop, schools newly promoted Managers in techniques that can help them get over their teething problems quickly and contribute to their Organization, far more effectively.


In case you have Employees in your Organization, who are short of funds but not short of brilliant business ideas, you may wish to invest in honing their entrepreneurial skills. This Workshop is based on 1000s of hours of back-breaking interviews with 100s of Entrepreneurs and offers a roller-coaster ride though the situations that make and break them. Rest assured, your Employees will return from the experience, with their pockets full.

Why Consider Your HR Buddy Training Services?

Fun Focus

While we make light of serious topics (be it HR Audit or Business Acumen), we ensure participants don't compromise with serious learning. In fact, we even guarantee the number of times our Participants will laugh through the day.

Zero PowerPoint

We understand PowerPoint is a necessary evil but we have been surviving without this crutch for many years now - besides, our Participants are not complaining! All our Sessions are purely experiential and skill-based – low on PowerPoint/high on Point!

100% Facilitation (Not Training)

We help Adults (not Children) pick up new tips, tools, techniques and behaviours, via highly meaningful and relevant activities that respect Adult Intelligence! BTW, even though we follow Adult Learning Principles, we make sure the Kid in you has a good time!

High ROI

Since we consult a variety of organizations, we always offer generous servings of Best Practices for you to take back to your Organization. All Sessions specify clear ROI and are designed to offer major Knowledge/Skill enhancements.

Human Resources Training | HRCI® Accredited Workshop/Seminars

Your HR Buddy® Workshops for the HR Community have been recognized by HRCI® - a premier credentialing organization for the Human Resources profession. Our Seminars have been Pre-Approved for Recertification Credit Hours towards aPHR™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™, SPHRi™ Recertification.

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